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Plaza Francia - La Misión (2014) - Album teaser

I act in this one as the sweeper-turned-gentleman

Director(s): Hoku Uchiyama & Adam Bolt

Photo shoot, March 29, 2014.  Photos by ©KC Slagle

GEORGE BRETT MONOLOGUE - THE BEACH (2013) - Parody sketch webseries

I directed and act in this one.

(If you need a reference for this go here)

Take Care (2012) - feature film

Hidden complications arise when a young couple open their home to a surprise visit from an estranged friend.

Written, produced & directed by Scott Tanner Jones

Starring:  Ryan Driscoll, Elise Ivy, Armand DesHarnais, Kinsey McLean, Brooke Tansley

This week my feature film Take Care has become available online via the showcase website Townspot.TV  to view for FREE.

It is a difficult times for independent filmmakers to have their voices heard. We are experiencing an increasingly crowded field within the diminishing, financially-viable market of independent film. Myself, the producers and actors involved in Take Care’s creation have decided to remove any obstacle that would prevent potential audiences from viewing this work that we are extremely proud of. Speaking personally, I was inspired by the mixtape atmosphere I’ve seen in the hip-hop community- yes, I just said that- as a way to showcase their talents.  Take Care is our showcase for myself, the filmmakers, and the many actors involved in this project and we hope you take the time to enjoy the film.

Please, if you can, help spread the word.



THE EXORCISM (2013) - comedy sketch

I play Jacob, the exorcist, in this sketch I wrote.

Directed by Adam Bolt

Featured on Funny Or Die's frontpage


I play the male, aka the boyfriend, aka the moustache.

Director(s): Hoku Uchiyama & Adam Bolt

Excellent write-ups about the video and making of here:

NPR All Songs Considered



I’m rebooting the site/blog in reflection of a reboot in my own career. Same thing, really, just hope to generate more material more often. Hold me to it.
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